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Wednesday, Nov. 03, 2004 - 1:18 pm

I'm too disgusted to even rant about the continuation of this administration right now. The man who has openly said that he doesn't consider pagan religions to even be religions, severely handicapped stem cell research, has close ties to the Bin Laden family and managed to gather enough support to get the ban passed on gay marriage has been given a four year extention. Apparently you're not a human being unless you're rich, christian and straight.

Fuck You hardly seems adequate.

Henry Rollins joked once about running for president and calling it the "Fuck Your Freedom" campaign. Well, it just happened.

Only no one's laughing.

Part of his campaign promise package was the guarantee that he would never reinstate that draft. Bullshit. We don't have enough troops to cover what's happening in Iraq and Afghanistan and soon will be at war with Korea as well. If it takes him two years to start a war with Korea and start drafting people for it I'll be extremely surprised.

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