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Thursday, Nov. 18, 2004 - 12:17 pm

I'm liking this new look, I think. Very gothic. The image isn't linkware, I just happened to be the fortunate soul who was able to purchase it. I wish I knew how to create my own graphics. I don't use copyrighted work in my designs (all of my images are linkware I use with a credit to the creator or public domain), but it still feels a little wrong, probably because I'd so much rather be able to create a design that shows only my work instead of my html and images borrowed from people who actually have the talent to make them. I'm good with the code, but any goober can write html. I want to design my own images too. Then it would feel like whatever I made was completely my creation, a true work of art I can claim as my own.

Ah well...

Everything is organized pretty nice, though. No clutter.

Larry got the basement completely waterproofed and the shelving up so now we can finally get the boxes of stuff that are all piled up in the family room down there put away. Hubbins is off all next week, but we're going to get started on it Friday or Saturday so we can finish it all before we have to leave for South Carolina. Thanksgiving with the in-laws is a pretty nice affair generally. My sister-in-law is a teacher and very, very busy so she and bro-in-law usually order a nice meal from some place close by, which is absolutely brilliant! The food is good and cleanup is just a matter of tossing out the foil serving dishes and putting glasses in the dishwasher. It makes things so much easier! I don't get off that easily for christmas, though. My mom came to visit a few days ago and we worked out the menu, half of which I'm providing. Even so, I expect to have a great time this christmas, and I actually enjoy the cooking, it's just that doing it for so many people intimidates me a little.

I realized two days ago - I've been veggie for a whole year now! Go me!!

:: happy dance happy dance - get down get down ::

I have to take my own food to family dinners and whatnot, but it's still one of the best choices I've ever made. It makes me feel very peaceful to not be eating animals. I wish more people would get into it. It makes contact with animals so much more meaningful and it's good for our bodies and the environment, so I try to spread the word whenever possible. My babies like vegan foods so that's a pretty good start. :o)

I really can not wait to get the basement cleaned out. the study and the family room have been so piled up for so long I forget how nice and spacious they are. I'm really stoked about getting the stuff cleared away from the book cases too. We've got four huge book cases down there with literally hundreds of books on them and can't get to a single one without having to move a bunch of stuff and risk having our heads caved in by the avalanche.

All of this because of a basement leak.

Jeez, mon...

Oooh oooooh!! I'll be able to use the treadmill now too!! Yaaaaaaaay!!!!

I was feeling the bare beginnings of the holiday bummer this morning but now it seems to be lifting. It seems this journal is good for something after all. :o)

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