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Tuesday, Nov. 09, 2004 - 1:17 pm

I was wondering if the standard diaryland templates could be used as a basic form to make a pretty design, and I'm actually pleased with the way this turned out. The main problem I had was that the entry table and the links table are so close together, but increasing the width of the main table and adding an invisible one between links and entry worked really well. Clean and simple.

I see complaints all the time about the diaryland templates, but really they're not that bad now that I've actually taken the time to examine them. They're basic, but they do create a good place to start building for those who may not have a lot of HTML experience. That's how I got started, and thank goodness those templates are there, because when I opened my first journal I had no clue about design.

Now for something totally unrelated...

At seven am today I heard the sound of hammering and thought it was coming from next door. The neighbors of incredible nosyness tend to mow at eight in the morning and do other noisy things so I figured it was them. Turns out I was wrong but was inspired to write this horrible haiku anyway, just because the sound made me feel a tad bitchy.

Nosy neighbor pounds
hammers roof in early dawn
Jerry is a doorknob

Besides, the part about Jerry is true (it's also true of Mrs. Jerry), even if this morning's disturbance to my peace wasn't caused by him. The fact that they exist has annoyed me to no end ever since the time Mrs. Jerry took it upon herself to complain not just to us, but to our other neighbors about the fact that our yard needs to be better tended. Yes, there is some overgrowth and yes it frequently needs mowing, but hubbins works 8-16 hour days and has a 90 minute round trip commute and call me nutty, I don't feel comfortable leaving the babies unattended so I can go out and dig around in the yard. I'm afraid major landscaping is going to have to wait until the kiddies start kindergarten, and then what I want to do is find a bunch of dog poop and bury it around the perimeter of our lawn. Perhaps then Mr. & Mrs. Jerry won't feel so compelled to put their noses in it.

I've been having some bizarro dreams lately, which I'll write about here later, since the babies are going on all sixteen cylinders and there's not much time. I usually experience vivid details in my dreams, but these two werer so completely real, I could actually smell the mold in one and the discomfort of the position in which I was lying in the other. Strange, strange, strange.

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